Roll Your Own Religion

By Kevin A. Sensenig

This is a work that has spanned a while in its creation. It is still unfolding. It is meant to intitialize a perception of religion that is at once new yet based on several tried and tested traditions. One might roll one's own, from within an existing framework -- or invent one's own framework; each of these scenarios would be thoroughly original, for the person.

Zen is always like this, and is also what is meant by each of the traditions; yet, one may find something new within each, or of one's own journey or path.

I hope the thought here is tactile, and that one can see illuminated some features that would otherwise take some time to unearh -- or, that one would find anyway in a tradition, yet with the context of this type of shared space.

Therefore, contemplate this, and enjoy!

The pdf as follows:

Roll Your Own Religion

I need to do some formatting, update the sections on Christianity, on Islam, and on Psychiatry; and have additional Zen thoughts from the past few years, as well as Wittgenstein.